California Sports Surfaces officially named ITF preferred court supplier

The ITF and CSS will work together to increase the quality of existing and future tennis facilities worldwide

The ITF has today announced California Sports Surfaces, a division of the ICP Group, as its Official Preferred Court Supplier.

The California Sports Surfaces (CSS) brands, which include DecoTurf, Plexipave, Rebound Ace and Premier Sports Coatings, have been used…


Steady ball, safety and durability

The Plexicushion system combines the consistent bounce, safety and durability of Plexipave with the innovative cushioning properties of EPDM rubber.

The Plexicushion substrate is composed of a special mixture of latex, rubber, and plastic particles which forms a…

Plexipave systems

3 systems to choose from offering different degrees of speed

Plexipave systems were designed to meet the needs of players of all levels.

There are three systems to choose from that offer varying degrees of speed. The ITF International Tennis Federation has classified the following systems that we offer.

Plexipave IW

Plexipave - the world’s leading acrylic tennis court surface

Intense, highly UV-resistant colour combined with high performance texture system for consistent bounce and sure footing.

A superior playing surface suited to just about any sport and any ability.

Plexipave is one of the world’s leading acrylic tennis court surfaces and has been used in the Melbourne Grand Slam Tournament since 2008. It is durable, environmentally friendly, safe, and is…

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