Plexipave systems

3 systems to choose from offering different degrees of speed

Plexipave systems were designed to meet the needs of players of all levels.

There are three systems to choose from that offer varying degrees of speed. The ITF International Tennis Federation has classified the following systems that we offer.

Plexipave IW

Category: ITF 1
Speed: Slow

For those who want a slower surface to compensate for climatic effects, altitude or simply to reduce the pace of play.

Bote alto, velocidad lenta

Standard Plexipave

Category: ITF 3
Speed: Medium

Considered by many to be the best combination of consistency, rhythm and safety. Standard Plexipave is the traditional surface system and the one most installed by our customers.

Bote normal, volicidad media

Plexipave HU

Category: ITF 4
Speed: Medium/Fast

Ideal for training players on fast surfaces. This finishing system is commonly installed in high-level tennis schools.

Bote plano, velocidad rápida

Sistema de Plexipave


  • The Plexipave color system is a durable finish with superior resistance to UV deterioration.
  • Plexipave is made from 100% acrylic latex with a deep color formulation for application over concrete or asphalt.
  • Plexipave topcoats are available in thirteen standard colors. Special colors are also available.

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