Atlanta Track Club Installs Rekortan Smart Sports Surface Technology

Rekortan and SportGroup have been working with system developers, Humotion GmbH, to create an exclusive contract for an intelligent sports surface technology.

This smart technology provides professional athletes, ambitious runners and anyone who wants the perfect solution for recording and documenting their run and sprint times. Using state-of-the-art sensor technology combined with magnetic gates, all key parameters are logged. This includes distance, running times and splits as well as measuring the number, lengths and frequencies of each step of an athlete through each gate. 

With this system, the athlete wears a high-tech sensor or smartphone on a waist belt. As soon as the athlete starts to move, the sensor/smartphone begins logging the data. Whenever the athlete passes a magnetic gate, the sensor detects the magnet in the surface as a timing point. This allows motion and time data to be divided into sections between the gates and assessed accordingly. The sensor is able to determine where the athlete is on the surface and it is also able to distinguish between rests and changes in direction. Assessment results allow for more effective training programs. This technology is great for not only athletes, but for coaches and strength and conditioning professionals to develop programs and help prevent injuries. 

These smart surfaces can be installed in new or existing tracks, and can also be used for turf applications. Rekortan has an option of mobile gates that do not need to be integrated into the surface and can be placed anywhere to conduct performance testing. With Rekortan Smart’s mobile timing gates, you can take your gates with you wherever you are – the playing field, practice field, gym, or backyard. 

The Atlanta Track Club is the first to have a Rekortan Smart installation in the United States currently. Cheney Stadium was originally a prefabricated rubber track surface that has being updated to a Rekortan Resurface System. Guy Thomas, Director of Track Operations for AstroTurf & Rekortan, took the lead for this installation which was being retrofitted into the existing track. With help from Nagle Athletic Surfacing’s, Matt Synder, together they installed 54 magnetic rods into Cheney Stadium. The installation process was fairly quick taking only one day to complete. Every installation, once completed, includes an in-person instruction on how to use the diagnostics software and sensors. Trevor Merkosky, with Advanced Polymer Technology, attended this event along with Johannes Rosenmoeller (CEO) and Stefan Berkow, of Humotion GmbH. During this event, Trevor and Stefan gave a presentation of how to use the Smart technology. During the presentation they demonstrated how to wear the sensor, how to perform the tests/running through the magnetic gates, and then how to view all the data using the diagnostic software. The event had a very successful turnout with Coaches and athletes from all around the area that came to learn about the technology and ask questions.

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