Rebound Ace Sports

High quality, acrylic surface with consistent bounce with comfort, and durability.

Vibrant, versatile and hard-wearing sports surfaces, for both indoor and outdoor sports.

Rebound Ace has provided playing surfaces for so many high profile events including the ATP Tournament and the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea. This high quality, acrylic surface provides a playing field surface that combines a consistent bounce with comfort, sure footing and durability.

The Rebound Ace surfaces are available for a wide array of different sports, both indoor and outdoors, and is one of the leading brands in the industry.

Types of surfaces available from Rebound Ace Sports:

Rebound Ace® Mat Systems

Rebound Ace® Mat Systems offer the ultimate level of cushioned comfort and shock absorbency. Utilizing a polyurethane, prefabricated mat, Rebound Ace® Mat Systems offer the highest shock absorbency on the market. It’s designed to handle extended play and fits in perfectly with the lifestyle of a dedicated athlete. The surface is finished with Synpave’s Ultra Top Coat and is available in 12 beautiful, bold colors.

  • Air Cushion 8 Mat System

The application process of the air cushioned technology was created for rooftops and surfaces with expansion joints, where subsurface movement Is predicted. To accommodate the surface movement, a high-quality adhesive is applied along the exterior of the mat to promote more competitive game play.

  • GS8 Mat System

Best for vigorous or frequent play, this polyurethane, prefabricated mat offers cushioned comfort and the highest level of shock absorbency available. Choose from 12 vibrant colors to personalize to your project.

  • HSA Club 5 Mat System

HSA offers players a balance of performance and comfort. Utilizing a 4 mm rubber mat, HSA is the best surface solution for competitive play and physical wellness and topped with Rebound Ace® Ultra Top Coat, which is available in a variety of decorative colors.

  • Pro-cushion

A liquid rubber cushion that enhances the performance and durability of the sport surface.

  • Concrete or Asphalt Base
  • Basecoat X2
  • Liquid Rubber Coats 2-6
  • Liquid Rubber Coats 2-6
  • Filler Coat X2
  • Player Surface X2 with Line Marking


Our Impact line was designed to handle the hours and hours of practice needed for athletes to master their sport. This flexible, non-abrasive surface uses special water-based impact-resistant technology that lowers risk of injury and strain on muscles and joints. Features like consistent ball bounce, resiliency to wear and tear, and pressure marks make this a popular choice for indoor sports as well as school and college halls, and assembly centers.

  • Timber, Concrete or Asphalt Base
  • Mat Adhesive
  • Rubber Shock Pad
  • Mat Sealer X2
  • High Impact Layer
  • Playing Surface X2 
  • Line Paint

Portable courts

Our portable courts were built to accommodate quick exhibition matches in high profile venues that require quick turnover. Suited for events like Davis and Fed Cups, the entire surface is stored in a single container and can be installed in about three hours by a small team. The precoated, interlocking system offers premium cushion and comfort while maximizing performance. Pace of play can be customized to order. Portable was created specifically for the WTA finals in Singapore. This surface system has the flexibility to be leased if budget is a factor.

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