Plexipave - the world’s leading acrylic tennis court surface

Intense, highly UV-resistant colour combined with high performance texture system for consistent bounce and sure footing.

A superior playing surface suited to just about any sport and any ability.

Plexipave is one of the world’s leading acrylic tennis court surfaces and has been used in the Melbourne Grand Slam Tournament since 2008. It is durable, environmentally friendly, safe, and is well known for its extremely low maintenance costs.

Plexipave is also highly regarded for its consistent bounce and spin of the ball. The anti-glare finish enhances visibility while also providing a sure footing with predictable grip and traction. High quality resins and in latex resin bound sand provide a smooth textured surface that reduces wear on tennis balls and shoes.

Our Plexipave surfaces are durable and vibrant in colour – as well as being cost-effective and easy to maintain. Only water and mild detergents are needed to clean the playing surface, and, in time, the court’s surface can be renewed without having to completely remove the old surface.

Universal Sport Instalaciones can provide you with a full renovation service for any existing tennis court or a completely new build – the actual solution will depend on what state the court is in. We can advise if a court is too far gone or not cost-effective to attempt to recover.

Certification that meets the standards of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) 

Plexipave offers three options to choose from that will meet the requirements of any level of playing ability. All are certified by the International Tennis Federation (ITF)

Plexipave IW- ITF Category 1- Pace: Slow

This category specializes in a much slower surface, primarily suitable for coaching and training. It is also used to change the pace of the game at famous tournaments such as the Paribas Indian Wells in California. 

Plexipave Standard- ITF Category 3- Pace: Medium

The most traditional and commonly used tennis court surface. It is considered to be the best combination of pace, footing and consistency of play. Plexipave standard offers a medium-pace, consistent playing surface.

Plexipave H.U.-ITF Category 4- Pace: Medium-Fast

The most suitable for players looking for fast-paced courts. This category can usually be found in elite tennis schools.

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