Deco Hardcourts

Versatile, multi-layered surface for indoors and out

A versatile hardcourt that features a multilayered system suitable for indoors or outdoors.

From the scorching heat of Florida summers to grueling subzero Minnesota winters, Deco Hardcourts can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising the quality of the court. 

Decoturf Hardcourts Capas

  1. Concrete or Asphalt
  2. Acrylic Resurfacer 
    Acrylic Resurfacer blended with approved silica sand.
  3. Texture Course
    DecoColor mixed with silica sand or blended with DecoBase I provides a uniform surface texture and determines the speed of play and traction on the court.
  4. Finish Course
    DecoColor creates a vibrant, durable finish highly resistant to weather and ultraviolet degradation.
  5. Line Paint
    A heavy bodied acrylic latex white striping paint comes in both textured and untextured.

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