Deco Cushion

Versatile, pre-coated, interlocking system with premium comfort

For quick turnover events, Deco Portable is a versatile, pre-coated, interlocking system that offers premium comfort.

It can be installed quickly by a small team in under 3 hours. The Davis and Federation Cups have both used Deco Portable surfaces for exhibitions and the surface can be customized to meet any pace of play desired. The courts are available in 12 vibrant colors the courts can be shipped anywhere in the world inside an extremely compact storage container. 

The secret to this high-quality cushioned system is in the materials. The surfaces are made with 100% acrylic resins and select SBR rubber granules, designed to absorb impact and redistribute pressure. This also ensures that the surface does not suffer damage. Made with post-industrial recyclable materials, Deco Cushion surfaces can be created to suit the needs of players at any level and are certified to International Tennis Federation (ITF) standards.

Deco Cushion features:

  1. Filler Course
    Acrylic Resurfacer blended with approved silica sand.
  2. Heavy Rubber Course
    DecoTurf® II, specially graded large rubber particles provide the system its distinct cushioned playing characteristics.
  3. Fine Rubber Course
    DecoBase® II, specially graded large rubber particles create a smooth cushioned finish in preparation for the texture and finish courses.
  4. Texture Course
    DecoBase I, blended with DecoColor MP provides a uniform surface texture and determines the speed of play and traction of the court.
  5. Finish Course
    DecoColor creates a vibrant, durable finish highly resistant to weather and ultraviolet degradation.
  6. Lines
    A heavy bodied acrylic latex white striping paint comes in both textured and untextured.

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